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4 million workers
are in insecure
wage growth is at
record lows
1/3 of businesses
don’t pay any tax.
the top 1% own
more than the
bottom 70%
  • Why are NSW nurses and midwives on strike? Hundreds of nurses and midwives will stop work next week to take part in a mass meeting of NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) members, furious at the NSW government’s failure to address the urgent need for shift by shift staffing ratios. Read more

  • NSW State Budget Wages, food, rent and tolls can’t be paid for with pre-budget announcements placed in the media by the NSW Government. Read more

  • Why are NSW teachers on strike? The teaching profession has reached a crisis point in NSW due to a decade of rising workloads, uncompetitive salaries and growing staff shortages. The NSW Government has failed to address these problems, leaving teachers with no choice but strike. Read more