Join us to make a difference in our workplaces and communities

4 million workers
are in insecure
wage growth is at
record lows
1/3 of businesses
don’t pay any tax.
the top 1% own
more than the
bottom 70%
  • UNION WIN: Teachers deal honoured The State Government has pledged to combat the attraction and retainment crisis facing our schools by ensuring NSW teachers will be some of the highest paid in the country. Read more

  • NRL: Front up to footy players As of July 2023 negotiations have been going for 20 months. Unfortunately, throughout this 20-month process, the NRL has demonstrated total disregard for the fundamental principles of collective bargaining and good-faith negotiations. Read more

  • Pay them what they’re worth NSW can be a state that recognises the value of it’s essential workers by providing good pay and conditions, not just to ensure high quality public services, but because it is the right thing to do. We can make the treatment of essential workers a defining issue that ALL parties must act on. Read more