NSW train workers
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NSW and Sydney Train Lock-Out

Why has the NSW Government cancelled train services? Find out what really happened in the lead up to Dominic Perrottet locking out rail workers.
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Why are NSW teachers on strike?

The teaching profession has reached a crisis point in NSW due to a decade of rising workloads, uncompetitive salaries and growing staff shortages. The NSW Government has failed to address these problems, leaving teachers with no choice but strike.
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Save COVID protections for essential workers

In May last year, emergency protections were introduced to support essential workers who contract COVID-19.
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Secure Jobs

The Morrison Government changed the law to make it easier for employers to turn permanent jobs into casual jobs. Tell Scott Morrison to change the law and stand up for secure jobs!
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NSW and Sydney Train Strike

Why is there a NSW and Sydney Train strike? How will the strike affect you and what will happen to train services when the strike starts?
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Public Sector Wage Calculator

Public Sector Wage Cut Calculator Premier Gladys Berejiklian wants to freeze the pay of all public sector workers for 12 months. However, this will reduce your pay for years to come. That's…
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Wage Theft Campaign