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Visa Assist Annual Report 2020

Visa Assist is a partnership between Unions NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC), designed to advocate for and advise union members with immigration matters.
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No Worker Left Behind - Survey Results 2020

Unions NSW’s survey is the first large-scale data set regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related govern-ment economic and social restrictions, upon temporary migrants. Temporary migrants have been particularly impact-ed because of the reluctance of the Australian government to extend access to its JobKeeper and JobSeeker schemes to visa holders.
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Future Work report: A robot took my job

Unions NSW commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of Australian attitudes and feelings towards automation. This research demonstrates a deep anxiety about automation, and a hunger for governments to intervene and help.
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Hazardous Air Quality: The New Normal?

New South Wales has experienced an unprecedented drop in air quality over the 2019-2020 summer. Bushfire smoke has blanketed rural and urban areas for days at a time. With experts warning that climate change will cause more intense and frequent bushfires, New South Wales must prepare for the new normal. Unions NSW has produced this document to propel this discussion forward into concrete actions the NSW Government can take to protect people’s health.
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Wage Theft Report

Unions NSW undertook an audit of job advertisements on Chinese, Korean and Spanish language websites. The audit found 78% of businesses advertised rates of pay below the minimum Award wage.
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Sexual Harassment Discussion Paper

This discussion paper arises out of the #MeToo movement, which has created significant momentum for change to prevent sexual harassment and provide avenues for justice. In the context of significant media attention and a social media storm there was leadership from law firm Maurice Blackburn, which developed several legislative asks to make it easier for women to come forward and seek justice if they have experienced workplace sexual harassment. Now Australia was formed in March 2018 to help guide those currently experiencing sexual harassment or those with historical experiences of sexual harassment to the appropriate legal and psychological support. In May 2018 Unions NSW began to organise a roundtable discussion at NSW Parliament to discuss possible options for reform. Then in July 2018 the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) announced a national inquiry into sexual harassment.
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Airtasker report

A case study into the employment practices and employment conditions available to workers who use the online platform Airtasker.