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Political Freedoms - Submission to Federal Inquiry

Unions NSW is concerned by state or federal government attempts to place restrictions on the implied freedom of political communication by seeking to restrict the spending of specific groups of third party campaigners during election periods. Such a move would be contrary to the principles of supporting the current freedoms associated with people’s right to participate in the democratic process of elections and would burden the implied freedom of political communication.
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Political Donations - Submission to NSW Inquiry

Unions NSW response to the NSW Government’s 2014 Panel of Experts on political donations.
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Local Government Expenditure Caps – Submission to NSW Inquiry

The Electoral Funding Act introduced expenditure caps for local government elections where previously there were no limits on spending. The caps are inconsistent, inequitable and are set at a level too low for candidates or third party campaigners to engage meaningfully in the electoral process.
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Federal Election – Submission to Senate Inquiry

Unions NSW and affiliated unions participated in the 2016 Federal Election as a third party campaigner through the ‘Build a Better Future’ campaign. Third party campaigners play a crucial role in the electoral process, providing voters with an avenue to collectively pool their resources and raise issues important to them. Unions NSW opposes any changes to the Commonwealth Electoral Act, 1989 which would restrict the ability for third party campaigners to participate in electoral campaigns.
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Campaigning at Polling places – Submission to NSW Inquiry

Third party campaigners play an important role in elections, raising the profile of issues important to voters. As member based organisations, unions work to educate and mobilise large number of activists and members to take part in political activities, including polling day. It is important NSW legislation supports this civic engagement and does not seek to limit the ability of third party campaigners and their volunteers to participate in election campaigns.
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Brief of Electoral Funding Act

The Electoral Funding Act (NSW) significantly restricts the ability of third party campaigners, like trade unions from participating in state elections. The Act halves the expenditure cap for third party campaigners and restricts third party campaigners from acting in concert.
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Domestic Violence Leave – Submission to Senate Inquiry

There is an urgent need for a universal entitlement to ten days paid domestic violence leave. This submission draws on evidence from front-line union members on the cost and time involved in living with and leaving violence and the urgent need for paid leave.
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1800 Respect – Submission to Senate Inquiry

Unions NSW response to the Federal Liberal Government’s move to privatise the 1800 RESPECT telephone counselling service. Under the Government’s plan, high value jobs will be replaced with lower paid, insecure work. This will undoubtedly affect service delivery and impact thousands of Australians who have come to rely on the service in their darkest hours.
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Apprenticeships and Traineeship – Submission to NSW Review

The Unions NSW submission makes recommendations which support the current apprenticeship and traineeship model and advocate for greater safeguards against the exploitation of apprentices and trainees. The submission is based on surveys conducted with TAFE students in Nirrimba, Ultimo and Mount Druitt.
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Submission to the 2018 review of the Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme

Unions NSW welcomes this opportunity to make a submission to the 2018 review of the Compulsory third Party insurance scheme. Unions NSW supports the submissions of its affiliated unions.