Visa Assist: Free Visa Advice and Help

Visa Assist provides free visa advice and help with all your visa questions or problems. Our visa experts are registered lawyers in Australia.

Australia’s visa and migration laws are difficult to navigate. Migration lawyers are expensive and it can be hard to find a good migration expert who won’t overcharge you. That’s why Visa Assist is free for union members in NSW.

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Visa Assist covers all types of visas in Australia, including:

    • Pathways to permanent residency and PR visas 
    • Sponsored visas
    • Graduate visa
    • Regional visa
    • Student visa
    • Working holiday visa
    • Work or skilled visa
    • Sponsoring family members to come to Australia
    • Visitor Visas
    • Bridging Visas
    • Visas for New Zealanders
    • Review of Department of Immigration decisions
    • Partner visas
    • Visa renewals or extensions

The service is completely confidential and is provided to you over the phone or in person. Visa Assist also has interpreters if needed.

How to Receive Free Visa Advice and Help

Contact your union to make an appointment with Visa assist. You can speak with Visa Assist over the phone or arrange an appointment in person.

If you are not a union member but would like to receive free expert visa advice, please fill out the Find Out More form and someone from Visa Assist will contact you.

Who is Visa Assist?

Visa Assist is a non-for-profit service run by immigration and visa experts.

It is a partnership of Unions NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC). Unions NSW is a worker’s organisation which aims to create a more fair and just society. Unions NSW campaigns to improve workplace pay and conditions in NSW.

IARC is a community organisation that helps vulnerable Australians, migrants living in Australia and people seeking asylum. IARC specialise in providing free, expert, and confidential legal advice and help.

Read more about the people that our Visa Assist experts have helped.  Find out if Visa Assist is for you by sending us a message using the contact form!

Visa help and advice

To access Visa Assist, you must contact your union and ask them for a referral. 

If you are not a member of a union and would like to access Visa Assist, join your union and ask for a referral to Visa Assist.