No Worker Left Behind – It’s time to act

Migrant workers have been excluded from any Government assistance during the coronavirus. Tomorrow we have an opportunity to change that. We must act now!

Tomorrow, Parliament will vote on a new law to give workers $750 a week, through their employer. Leading up to the vote we must do everything to make sure migrant workers are included. Here’s how:

1) Call or email a Member of Parliament (MP) 
Go to this page
to find out who to call or email and some suggestions on what to say. 

2) Tell social media 
Use the hashtags #NoWorkerLeftBehind and #WageSubsidyForAll to share your concerns. Use twitter to get the hashtag trending, or let colleagues, friends or family in Australia know by posting on Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels.

3) Add your name to the petition to include migrant workers 
Sign this petition and share it.