Working for $9 an hour

Labour is vital to the Australian horticulture industry. Seasonal variation and the transient nature of the work makes the farmworker population difficult to measure.

Wage Theft: Horticulture report

At time of writing migration to Australia is at an all-time low. Many nations have begun their roll out of vaccines for the COVID-19 virus however the pandemic still poses a serious threat to lives and economies.

Wage Theft: The Shadow Market

The exploitation of temporary migrant workers in Australia is a common and known problem that appears to be endemic throughout Australian workplaces.

Visa Assist Annual report 2020

Visa Assist is a partnership between Unions NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC), designed to advocate for and advise union members with immigration matters.

No Worker Left Behind – Survey Results 2020

Unions NSW’s survey is the first large-scale data set regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related government economic and social restrictions, upon temporary migrants.

Wage Theft Report 2018

Wage theft is major problem in Australia. Businesses often see workers from non-english speaking countries and migrant workers as easier to exploit.