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Overworked, overloaded, overlooked and preparing to leave - 2022 NSW Public Sector Survey

This report reflects the experiences of a section of this workforce; those who worked for the NSW Public Service during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these workers continued going into work, putting themselves and their families at greater risk of COVID-19, while experiencing increased workloads and a public sector wide pay freeze.
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Jobs worth fighting for: Five ideas to reform Australian workplaces

Unions NSW is bringing together unions, employers, civil society and governments to address the nation’s shared economic challenges and some of the most pressing issues in our workplaces.
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It's Broken: Workers' Compensation in New South Wales since 2012

This report by the McKell Institute outlines the inadequate state of NSW’s workers’ compensation framework since major reforms to the system occurred in 2012. Workers’ compensation is a fundamental workers’ entitlement, and is central to every Australians’ safety net, having operated in some form for over 100 years, and in New South Wales since 1910. While all responsible policy makers, businesses, and trade unions are on a unity ticket when it comes to ensuring Australian workplaces are safe, the unfortunate reality is that hundreds of thousands of Australian workers are hurt on the job each year, necessitating workers’ compensation schemes to ensure that those who suffer workplace injuries are not driven towards poverty.
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Wage Norms And The Link To Public Sector Salary Caps

This report addresses the nature and effects of wage norms and their links to public sector salary caps.  Questions addressed include: what are the recent patterns of nominal and real wages growth? What is the role of wage norms in explaining these patterns?  What influences does public policy have on those norms, particularly through public sector pay. What would be the result of changing those policy settings? It pays particular attention to the role of public sector ‘salary caps’, and makes special reference to the situation in the New South Wales public sector.
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Unions NSW Response to Women's Economic Opportunities Review

Unions NSW’s submission to the NSW Government’s Women’s Economic Opportunity Review focuses on ten recommendations to support women in the workforce, create the opportunities and conditions for women to succeed and improve women’s economic security throughout their lifetime.
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Unions NSW 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, Sydney Trades Hall celebrated 150 years of fighting for working people. However, the actual celebration has had to wait like so many other celebrations. Across our state, hundreds of thousands could not do their jobs due to lockdowns, especially in Sydney’s west and south-west.
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Gender Equality Position Paper

Unions NSW values equality, justice, integrity and progressing the lives of working people. Unions NSW will, in partnership with affiliates, use its powerful civil society voice and formidable industrial influence to advocate to government and employers for workplace gender equality.
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Final Joint Submissions re Migration Amendment

The Department to consider altering discretionary provisions to vest courts with powers to make additional enforcement orders including adverse publicity orders and banning orders prohibiting employers from employing migrant workers and people under the age of 25 for a fixed term following a finding of non-compliance.
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Unions NSW Annual Report 2020

COVID-19 touched every industry, workplace and worker in 2020. It drove us into lockdowns, isolation, social distancing and working from home. For some, the greatest challenge was turning themselves off mute or maintaining personal space. However, for many workers the very viability of their industry was threatened.