Not Just Numbers: A Blueprint of Visa Protections for Temporary Migrant Workers

This report is about temporary migrants, their lives, and experiences at work. By and on behalf of workers, it makes the case that temporary visa status is directly linked to inequality and exploitation. And it makes the case for immediate, strong, and reliable visa protection for all migrant workers, as the necessary first step towards combatting the exploitation of temporary migrants at work.

For too long, immigration laws and policies have been made by bureaucrats and economists, concerned only the Australian economy and ‘nation-building,’ and not with people.

But temporary migrants are not just numbers on the national balance of payments. The stories featured here are of people in the Australian community; friends, neighbours, co-workers, partners and parents. These stories have been put together by workers to explain what has happened to them because of the way Australian migration laws and regulations currently operate. They also point the way to what Australian migration laws and policies should be.