Sponsored Visa Australia: Free Advice with Visa Assist

Sponsored visas allow you to work in Australia. An Australian business will sponsor you to work in a particular occupation or role. You can only work for the business that sponsors you and you can only work according to the conditions of the sponsored visa. 

If you are trying to change your visa to a sponsored visa or if you are having problems with your current sponsored visa, Visa Assist can provide you the advice and help you need.

You may being having trouble with your sponsored visa. For example, your employer might not be treating you correctly or might be not paying you the correct wage. If this sounds familiar, contact Visa Assist immediately to seek help.

Alternately, the business that sponsors you may stop sponsoring you. If this happens, you could be forced to leave Australia. However, our Visa Assist experts can make an application on your behalf to allow you more time to live in Australia and find a new sponsor. Contact Visa Assist immediately if you have this problem.

Visa Assist can also help you change to a sponsored visa. You may be on a student visa or internship visa and you want to get a job in your industry. Visa Assist can provide you advice on how to obtain a sponsored visa – this includes how to meet the criteria, how to find a business who will sponsor you and how to complete the application process. 

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What is Visa Assist for Sponsored Visas?

Visa Assist provides free advice from registered lawyers and visa experts. Visa experts and lawyers can help you with any sponsored visa questions, applications or problems. 

Interpreters are also available. It is only currently available in New South Wales (NSW).

How To Apply

Ask your union for a referral for free and confidential advice. Visa Assist will then arrange an appointment over the phone or in person. This appointment is confidential and professional.

There is no limit to the number of free appointments or services. 

If you are not a union member but would like to access free Visa Assist, please fill out the Find Out More form and we will get into contact with you. Memberships are affordable and provide plenty of other benefits, including:

    • help with workplace issues
    • skills training
    • discounts on shopping and travel. 

Why is Visa Assist for Sponsored Visas Australia free?

Visa Assist is a non-profit service. That means it is not a business trying to make a profit, but a community service dedicated to helping people. This is why there is no cost to use Visa Assist.

Visa Assist is funded through a partnership between Unions NSW and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC).  Find out more about Visa Assist.

Who we help

Visa Assist experts cover all types of visas provided to people in Australia, including:

    • All immigration and visa questions

    • Visa cancellations or problems

    • Sponsoring family members to come to Australia

    • Visitor Visas

    • Visas for New Zealanders

    • Bridging visas

    • Review of Department of Immigration decisions

    • Students visas

    • Work or skilled visa

    • Humanitarian visas

    • Partner visas

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