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Future of work and workers – Submission to Senate Inquiry

The pace and scale of changes in work are impossible to accurately predict. It is the role of Government to ensure we enter the uncertainty of the future well prepared; to ensure the benefits of technological advancement can be shared fairly and safeguards are put in place to ensure technology isn’t used as a tool to undermine pay and working conditions.
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Avoidance of the Fair Work Act – Submission to Senate Inquiry

The nature of work, technology and trading hours have changed significantly since our industrial relations framework was established. However, there are ample provisions for employers to accommodate the needs of the ‘modern workforce’ built into the Fair Work Act. Deliberate attempts by employers to avoid the Fair Work Act to meet the needs of their business and promote ‘efficiency’ are lazy and often driven by greed and profit.
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Airtasker report

A case study into the employment practices and employment conditions available to workers who use the online platform Airtasker.