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Privatisation of State Assets – Submission to Senate Inquiry

The Federal Government’s Asset Recycling Initiative seeks to incentivise State Governments to privatise assets. The initiative emphasises the short term profits of privatisation, but overlooks the broader policy implications and long term economic issues.
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Electricity Privatisation – Submission to Senate Inquiry

Despite claims about the economic advantages of privatisation made by the NSW Liberal Government, the privatisation agenda of the last three decades has resulted in cuts to public services, finalisation of few large scale infrastructure projects and an ongoing budget deficit.
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Campaigning at Polling places – Submission to NSW Inquiry

Third party campaigners play an important role in elections, raising the profile of issues important to voters. As member based organisations, unions work to educate and mobilise large number of activists and members to take part in political activities, including polling day. It is important NSW legislation supports this civic engagement and does not seek to limit the ability of third party campaigners and their volunteers to participate in election campaigns.