Sponsor Young Workers to Get Active for the Future of Workplace Rights

Young workers are prone to wage theft, unpaid super and exploitation. In many cases, these workers simply don’t know their rights or who to go to if they have a problem at work. 

That’s why created a program to recruit and train the next generation of young workers to lead the fight for worker’s rights in Australia.

Last year over 150 young people applied to our program, but we only had 35 places available. With your help we can expand this program.

The Union Winter program is a workplace education and leadership program which occurs in winter. It funds 3-week paid internships for young workers to learn about workplace rights and how to organise their colleagues. Participants are then placed in unions around NSW to work directly with workers under the mentorship of veteran union organisers. 

100% of your contribution will go into expanding this program by creating more internship places.

This means we can provided more young workers with the training and resources they need to educate and organise workers who are experiencing wage theft or exploitation.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these young workers to ensure you see how your contribution has helped build the power of Australian workers!

The great thing about this program is we’re building the power of workers well into the future. The skills and training these young workers receive now, will help them and their peers for decades to come. It’s why we think this is program is so important and worthy of your donation to expand it.

A little can go a long way.