Workers Digest

Unions NSW is a hub for the spokes of trade unionism in NSW.

The web dumps many documents, ideas, and falsehoods on us every hour of every day.

In these regular reviews Unions NSW aims to provide concise summaries and links to interesting developments that will help us create better workplaces through industrial actions and ideas that will guide employers and governments in the direction democratic worker organisations want and need.

We try to seek out the best research with a labour focus from across Australia and the world.

With the International Day of Mourning for the too many workers killed and injured at work, we focus on the climate crisis and its impact on workplaces, look at the many issues on workers safety rights around the world and more.
This month’s focus is on how digital technologies change workplace structures and how the quality of jobs is affected, women cleaners in London on the frontline for harassment and victimisation, let alone the low pay, hazards in the semiconductor industry in Korea, safe staffing levels in social care, more issues with just transitions with
This month’s focus is on union victories and campaigns in the US, Sweden, Tesla, and Finland. Plus, more on transitions into AI.
Jobs, Strikes, Wages. All these things connect. Recent research and information on the inflation scare used to bash workers, why it is a scam, and what to do. 
This months focus is on health and safety issues. We look at shift work, stress, safety in hospitals, construction standards, and engineered stone, the stigma regarding jobs in aged care affecting workers and putting off potential workers
The Gig economy so far has a small section of the workforce, but employers are reducing workers’ rights and attempting to take more control of workers’ time, via control of work through apps, while denying the employment status of those they hold the purse strings for, sets precedents that many other employers can and
Electric motors help drive union thought and practice in this month’s review of the green and sustainable economic development required to secure good jobs, clean energy, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and a future for us all.
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